How BUILD can help YOU

BUILD will provide an access to the premier private sector development thought leader, with access to the most recent and relevant data, information and analysis on the private sector.

BUILD will feature strong and effective partnerships with other think-tanks, academics, chambers and experts. By working together, BUILD will provide a united voice on business reforms.

BUILD will advocate for business reforms in Bangladesh. BUILD will pursue business reforms that are of interest for business development, and make it easier, faster and cheaper to do business in Bangladesh.

BUILD is equipped with a strong secretariat, which can be a one-stop-shop for data, information, research and analysis on the private sector of Bangladesh.

BUILD will allow you to participate in making concrete and positive changes, which we will quantify through our extensive focus on monitoring and evaluating the impact of our work.

BUILD will be a platform to maintain coordination and continuity between public and private sector understanding for better policy reforms.

To the Government, BUILD is...

- a key channel for reform recommendations, backed by solid research and advocacy, for consideration by the PSD Policy Coordination Committee

- a key think tank and center of knowledge, data and experience on private sector issues

- the government’s trusted partner in promoting private sector-led growth

To business, BUILD is…

- your voice for business reforms

- your private sector facilitator of investment processes

- your chance to make a difference and change lives

To academia, BUILD is…

- your partner in undertaking private sector research

- your voice in transmitting the findings of your research to the right ears

Working with us

Provide your Feedback on Current Issues

BUILD secretariat continuously validates its ongoing studies through extensive consultations with the Government and the business community.  You can help BUILD bring about a successful reform by sharing your experience or insights on one of the issues BUILD is currently working on.

Suggest a reform

BUILD provides a platform where you can voice your concerns regarding the regulatory environment and recommend appropriate solutions. Do you have an idea for a reform that BUILD should address immediately? Use our simple form to suggest a reform for BUILD to work on. 

Be a BUILD Ambassador

You can become a BUILD Ambassador and join us in our various outreach programs and advocacy campaigns.  Campaigns like national and regional roundtables will provide you with an opportunity to learn more about the investment climate constraints impeding growth in Bangladesh.  Future opportunities will be regularly posted in our website.

Work as a co-facilitator

Over the last one year, BUILD has jointly organized over half a dozen seminars and conferences on Investment Climate Issues in collaboration with government agencies and private sector Chambers and Associations. BUILD has also hosted an International Conference on “Positioning Bangladesh: Branding for Business” in partnership with a handful of organizations. You can work with BUILD as a knowledge partner, joint organizer or as a speaker in upcoming events.