Business Start-Up Licenses: Regulatory Guide Books

  Sectoral Business Start-up Licensing Guide Books

Considering the importance of Fish and Fisheries and Pharmaceutical sectors, BUILD has  published two regulatory guide books on “Fish & Fisheries Business Start-up Licensesâ€Â and “Pharmaceuticals Business Start-up Licensesâ€Â comprising of basic business Information, License obtaining processes and their renewal procedures  for the potential investorsas a heads-up in regulatory requirements for doing business in these sectors

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Download 4th Edition of Business Start-up Licenses: A Regulatory Guide (ONLY the first part)

 About Business Start-Up Licenses: A Regulatory Guide

This guide is intended for the aspiring, the new, as well as veteran entrepreneurs looking to obtain a License/Permit/Approval/Certificate etc., for their businesses. The objective is to provide the entrepreneurs with a step by step guide on:

'Who' to contact to collect the preparatory information regarding the application
'What' supporting documents to collect and collate to prepare the application
'When' to pay the associated fees for the application
'Where' to submit their application
'How' to seek subsequent renewals

The Guide will assist you to comprehend the entire process involved in obtaining a License/Permit/Approval/Certificate, etc. The tasks leading up to lodging an application and such are set out in chronological order. Nonetheless, it is important to be aware that some of the tasks involved in the process need to be pursued in tandem, and some may be iterative; for that reason it is not possible to follow a strict chronological order.

The Guide concentrates on demonstrating the interaction of the applicant with the issuing agency using the "Process map" provided in the Guide for each of the Licenses, and such other items. Hence, it will help you to identify the steps at which you can intervene to speed up the process.

At the same time, it should be realized that there is no hard and fast rule to fast track the process. Consequently this Guide does not furnish definitive ways in which to do it. Each License/Permit/Approval/Certificate etc., has had, and will have, different overriding challenges. Correctly identifying those challenges and managing those issue forms an integral part of the solution. In such view, this Guide simply looks to serve as a 'one-stop information source' on business licensing needs, as well as some practical tips on overcoming some of the challenges.