Views of International Community

"The Bangladesh Economic Update for October 2012 projects that GDP will grow at around 6% in FY13, despite an unfavorable global economy. This will place Bangladesh among the top 35 out of 150 countries in IMF’s October 2012 World Economic Outlook. Bangladesh has maintained 6% plus growth over most of thelast 10 years through strong export and remittance growth." - The World Bank

"It is the demographics of Bangladesh that justifies its inclusion in the JPMorgan Frontier Five. The country ranks fourth in growth in economically active population. Five-year economic growth is strong at 6.1% (CAGR). Progress has been made over the last few years to reduce poverty, increasing literacy levels and moderating population growth to a more sustainable level. An assertive judiciary, active civil society and a relatively free media have increased public accountability." - JP Morgan, April 2007

  • The International Monetary Fund (IMF) commented on the economy of Bangladesh as Resilient export and remittance flows that have bolstered growth and external stability of the country
  • Morgan Stanley has commented - “Bangladesh is at the very early stages of an investment boom”
  • McKinsey & Company termed Bangladesh as the "Next China"
  • The New York Times mentioned:  “Bangladesh, Once Poor and Irrelevant to the Global Economy is now an Export Powerhouse”
  • Goldman Sachs included Bangladesh in its list of "The Next Eleven (or N-11)" - economies that are expected to have high potential for driving the global growth in the 21st century
  • The New York Times has termed Bangladesh as "an unlikely corner of Asia, strong promise of growth"
  • Citigroup has also labeled Bangladesh in its list of 3G (Global Growth Generator) countries
  • JP Morgan has labeled Bangladesh as one of the ‘Frontier Five’
  • Investor Chronicle has titled Bangladesh among the “Seven Hottest Emerging Markets”
  • The Wall Street Journal dismissed the previous branding of Bangladesh as a 'Basket Case'. Now it has higher growth rate, a lower birth rate, and more internationally competitive economy